The Challenge

In 2008, GALLERY M, one of the oldest online fine art galleries in the United States, noticed a shift in neighborhood business.  Cherry Creek North, the “Rodeo Drive” of Denver, was being hit by the local parking dilemma compounded by national economic fears and the election cycle.   Pedestrian traffic was next to null.  Local media was consumed by murders and fires.  This luxury retailer needed attention.

The Solution

Patriotism, luxury and a buzz worthy fine art performance piece capable of national attention with local pull.

Peck Slip Studios located in New York City was commissioned to create a national hype event that would make the local media push a press story.  Combined with the advocacy of the relatively new social media platforms, LUBIE LOVE – The Movie – was launched on Earth Day 2009 in New York City, Washington DC and Denver, Colorado.   National media sources including HBO and local media including The Westword covered the full house events in Denver.    Red Bull provided the necessary fuel for the audiences and collectors obtained limited edition works along with relevant energy awareness by special speakers and energy experts.   The campaign attracted early buzz on Twitter and Facebook, so much so that today LUBIE LOVE on Facebook is a young, enthusiastic international automobile and energy forum.

Creative Collaboration



Event Marketing


Performance Art Installation

Social Media Star Appeal

National Screenings


Mobile Worthy

A mobile hype event enabled the audience to interact with 3 live events and share their experiences.

An Independent Film

The film LUBIE LOVE, a fine art mockumentary, enabled patrons of the arts to engage new ways of experiencing a film.  Available by download, on limited release iPods and through unique, limited edition DVDs, the film engaged its target audience in a vastly different movie age.

Rumble in The Streets

The Earth Day event in Denver brought both Red Bull street teams and a Southeast Denver Harley Davidson Club to Cherry Creek North.   The rumble in the streets was documented by Pulitzer Prize Winning Photographer Neal Ulevich and reported in Denver’s Westword and The Art Quarterly.
  • Increase Event Participation 65% 65%
  • Spike in Website Traffic 50% 50%
  • Email Open Rate 95% 95%

The Results Were Laughable

To this day, attendees and participants reminisce about the live music at Tribeca Cinemas, the cult status of the film and the engine rumble of Harley V-Rods in Cherry Creek North.  The IMDB rankings continue to fluctuate for star appeal and digital sales remain on track.

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