The Challenge

In 2003, Roffler International – the manufacturer of the oldest professional barber products line for men, required a compelling online presence.   They wanted to educate and attract new and loyal consumers while respecting the industry’s need for traditional product distribution.   Informing their consumer on both the full product’s benefits and the expertise found at the local barber shop was paramount to the site’s success.   Additionally, the site needed to be self-contained, easy for front end and back end users and build on the 50 year history of the brand.

The Solution

Mason oversaw the full implementation of the 2003 Roffler Hair web presence.   From inception, hosting, project management and creative, Mason ensured the new Cold Fusion website achieved the multiple objectives set out by the manufacturer.   The site launched and ranked #1 in its category for natural search for 10 years across the major search engines due to the site architecture and keyword placement built into the site.  Only today is the site needing to be refreshed.

Brand Identity

He Integrated Everything.


Corporate Rebranding


Website Design & UI

Day Turnaround

Years of Usefulness

  • Creative Direction 100% 100%
  • Website Traffic 95% 95%

Amazing Outcome

The manufacturer was able to join the digital age cost effectively while growing sales.   While the site has since aged, the solution enabled a streamlined back-end while enhancing the brand message.

A Fresh Online Identity

He Rethought Everything

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