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“The answer my friend is blowing in the wind”

“The power to do something right is always greater than to do something wrong.  The subsequent energy defines results.”  Mason Hayutin

Lyrics – Bob Dylan

Back in the thick of a math class, an olympic gymnastics judge who was a coach and teacher reached out:

If you put a minus before the number accidentally, you are at least 180 degrees away from the answer – accidentally.

Overlook the basics, whether in accounting, in love or in the land, and you will be forever void of accurate results.   If results are not a concern, by all means simply continue.

As an advocate for leaving our environment in it’s purest form, I guide you to a 2015 study featured at Yale University.  Consumers and our automobiles are changing.  The study correctly features how consumers demand Electric vehicles – even without a viable infrastructure in place.

A new in-depth report on the electrical vehicle (EV) market suggests that states interested in boosting EV adoption r

Source: A Simple Prescription for Increasing Electric Vehicle Adoption