Today, America has a relevant reminder of how citizens are far from protected by Police.  It is important to remember that America is a unique place – one still revered for liberty, freedom and, some may begrudgingly say, justice.

As Ferguson Missouri lays a slain man to rest, the rest of the county and country attempts to address the rules that make an arrest warranted.  Robbery is an obvious reason to call the police.   Investigating a possible crime is another good reason to hail down the men and women in “blue.”  These are post-problem responses though.  Preventing crime is one reason a Police force should exist.  Abiding by a common law, ethics and morals is the other reason America’s system of law and order has worked.   The examples set by Police vs images created in the media are tantamount to America’s continued freedom.  Yet the war of the races, classes and yes the masses is fueled by the everyday ranker found on the public airwaves and stations today.

For 13 years and counting, America has been poorly handling the transition from a “Free” country to one “Protected” from Terrorism.   After September 11, 2001, towns freaked out.  War on anyone and anybody not aligned with the “Majority” of the neighborhood was proclaimed.

Unfortunately, America does not have citizens nor police who understand their rights and the laws that they live under.   They understand neighborhood rules.

America has a grotesque money generating system that stands for the third rail or pillar of our society: law.  It is bloated, biased and fixated on keeping a large group employed – the educated, supposedly enlightened and well healed vs those with no means, no knowledge or those found ill.   And the bad news for each citizen, health is ultimately outdone by age.    Health is typically an outcome of wealth.  In today’s system, the simplest of a sore can lead to your imprisonment if observed by the uneducated, biased or misguided.

As Comedy Central’s John Stewart properly shows, one side of the media has found any and all reasons to avoid addressing the failing legal system.


While shootings are commonly aired on America’s airwaves, America has a system free from jihadist beheadings.   And this is only rooted in the common respect that neighborhoods encourage amongst themselves.  We have to assume a position – by not forfeiting our inalienable rights.