Photograph by Guy Shahar
Mason Hayutin photographed by Guy Shahar.

Niche Expertise


  • Online Luxury Branding 80% 80%
  • Proven Internet Marketing 100% 100%

Future of Retail

The past eleven years have drastically changed retail.  With the 2020 Covid Pandemic, changes in how commerce took place accelerated and made “nimble” commerce more essential than ever.  The omin-channel retail experience is now the norm vs the exception.  Going forward, special event retail will gather steam as consumers seek safe outlets to transact.  Short-term locations, mobile experiences, and events will be the crux for physical retail for the next 18 months.  Online returns will be one of the few upsale options for physical locations.  Learn more here.


The “official” Mason Hayutin site is a reference area mostly.   It is a place to view some aspects from a life journey so far.  You may reach out to Mason at anytime.


Mason has been a recognized leader in niche omni-channel marketing and luxury e-commerce.

He has pushed boundaries on what is accepted online while following through with each client engagement.


Importance of Brick & Mortar

Mason Hayutin Luxury Marketing Consultant

Mason has also found time to write, create and produce result oriented “content.”    The following are a few dimensions publicly available today.